Practices to save at home Did you know them?

Practices to save at home Did you know them?

Saving at home is not difficult. We can save in many ways and everyone can contribute to achieve this goal. Also, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a beautiful holiday with the money you save ? In this note we tell you five ways to save at home .

Plan your expenses

Plan your expenses

Planning, planning and planning will always be the best savings secret . There are many apps that will help you with home finances . The apps will allow you to have a detailed control of expenses and income so you will know where the money goes each month.

Do like big companies and have a monthly budget for everything, so you’ll know how much you can spend on groceries, hygiene products, etc. Read our note: Discover how to save when you go to the supermarket .

Dare to shop online

Some are still afraid to buy online, but the supermarkets and stores that offer this way of buying are very reliable. Buying online gives you many benefits: first, you access offers only available online with what you are already saving money ; second, you avoid transportation expenses such as gasoline, taxis or tickets; and third, you avoid the queues in the boxes.

Get extra income: sell what you don’t use

Get extra income: sell what you don

Sounds like an OLX commercial, but it’s true, sure there are many things at home that you have and don’t use. Well, the smartest way to get rid of them is to sell them. This way you will get extra money that allows you to: save, give yourself some tastes at home, or pay some outstanding debt .

Buy saving products

You can save a lot at home using products that reduce the consumption of light or water. There are light bulbs that consume less watts than others. A good practice to save , would be to change all the bulbs of your house for saving bulbs.

As for water, you can save a lot by changing your home’s toilet systems with other double-discharge systems that allow you to save on every discharge the bathroom gives. Installing flow reducers for the sink or shower pipe will also be useful for saving between 18% and 47% of water. Your receipt of the month will surprise you!

Don’t wait for it to break down: give maintenance to your home


Repairing something is more expensive than maintaining it, so it is always good to check your home at least once a year. If you notice that there are connections in poor condition or with warning signs, it will be better to repair them before they are damaged. Dripping pipes or pipes? It’s time to end this waste of money too!

Do not leave these tips in the air. Put them into practice and start enjoying the benefits of saving! Read also: tips to save every month

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